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China Relay Industry Annual Coneference 2023
Release Time:2023-11-30 08:50:41

    Recently, the 2023 China Relay Industry Annual Conference was held grandly in Wenzhou, hosted by the Control Relay Branch of the China Electronic Components  Association, hosted by Fudar Alloy, and co-organized by CGN Jun'er (Zhejiang) New Materials Co., Ltd. Guo Manjin, chairman of the Control Relay Branch, and hundreds of experts, scholars and business representatives from all over the country attended the meeting. Wang Dawu, chairman of Fudar Alloy, and other senior leaders were invited to attend.

    Chairman Guo Manjin delivered a speech at this annual meeting. He pointed out that with the advent of the digital economy era, enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. They must conform to the trend of the times, grasp the development trend of the digital economy era, and achieve deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy; they must actively transform and upgrade, and give full play to the digital economy. Innovation, the driving force of the economic era, continues to strengthen technological innovation, product innovation, model innovation and other aspects to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    Chairman Wang Dawu extended his welcome to all the representatives attending the conference in his subsequent speech. He said that since its establishment 29 years ago, Fudar Alloy has always been rooted in the field of electrical contact materials, taking small materials to change the big world as its mission, adhering to the "1 meter width, 100 meters depth" specialization and new development path, adhering to the "customer-focused, With the core values of "contribution-based, pursuit of excellence, and never satisfied", it has now formed 4 major factories, 4 major business divisions, and 4 major sectors. Especially after years of research and development, the technology and craftsmanship have been comprehensively improved. The road of winning by quality will be steady and long-term.

    He pointed out that through four years of planning and design, Fudar invested more than 200 million yuan to establish a technologically advanced and well-equipped intelligent production line for silver alloy wire for relays. It is about to reach production, which can effectively ensure the superior performance of contact materials. Stable quality and diversified products.

    In the special report session of the conference, Dr. Li Jie of Fudar Alloy gave a special speech on "Relay Electrical Contact Material Solutions Based on Different Application Fields". He said that Fudar Alloy conscientiously implements General Secretary Xi Jinping’s statement on “innovation is the first driving force”, attaches great importance to research and development, persists in innovation, and has made important breakthroughs in advanced technology and superior materials, laying a solid technical foundation for the company’s high-quality development. At the same time, through in-depth exploration of different relay application fields, Fudar Alloy has gradually formed electrical contact material solutions that include power relays, electric relays, vehicle relays, new energy, 5G, energy storage and other multi-dimensional use scenarios. Among them, the core material —High oxide content electrical contact materials will provide important support for the core competitiveness of relay manufacturers. Dr. Li Jie also focused on introducing the wire smart factory. He emphasized that the establishment of Fudar Alloy Wire Smart Factory will play a leading role in the electrical contact materials industry ecosystem and further promote the development of the national industry of electrical contact materials and China's smart manufacturing 2025!

    After the meeting, the conference organized all the guests to go to Fudar Alloy to visit the company.

⒈Electrical Components Intelligent Manufacturing Division

    The Electrical Components Intelligent Manufacturing Division is an intelligent factory for Fudar Alloy to produce precision stamping parts, riveted components, and welded components. It is composed of multiple digital modules such as high-precision punch machines, automated welding equipment, in-mold welding production lines, and intelligent warehouses. Its annual production capacity reaches 1 billion pieces. Among them, the flexible intelligent welding workshop started from the first-generation equipment developed in 2008 and has now been iteratively upgraded to the fifth-generation automated welding equipment. It not only realizes the transformation of production methods from manual to automatic, but also pushes the welding production capacity to 40 million pieces /month, production efficiency has been greatly improved, and we can provide customers with efficient and stable product supply.

⒉Electronic and Electrical Alloy Materials Division

    As a large-scale rivet-type electrical contact and silver alloy wire production base, the Electronic and Electrical Alloy Materials Division has an industry-leading intelligent silver alloy wire production workshop with a designed production capacity of 600 tons. The entire workshop uses a large number of robotic arms, AGV trucks, etc. Automation equipment realizes fully automatic operation of the production process. At the same time, all aspects of the operating status of equipment and material flow in the entire workshop are monitored and managed through information technology such as intelligent decision-making analysis systems. In terms of technology, by innovating process technology, we not only improve product performance, but also improve quality stability. The establishment of the new silver alloy wire workshop truly realizes full-process control, all-factor automation, comprehensive digital data analysis and intelligent production, laying a solid foundation for Fuda to become "the global leader in overall solutions for electrical contact systems" .

    Anchoring the "double carbon" goal and seizing the opportunities of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, Fudar actively participates in the system construction of the electrical contact materials industry. In the future, Fudar will continue to promote intelligent production and informatization of management, build future factories and digital factories, further reduce manufacturing costs, improve economic benefits, and provide relays with products with excellent performance, stable quality, competitive prices and convenient services. Industry creates value.