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Application of contact tips in compact contactors on military vessels
Release Time:2024-06-04 16:16:06

    In 2023, the military industry will usher in a critical period of equipment upgrading. In this context, the application of new materials has become an important driving force for the development of the military industry. As an indispensable component of the vessel's electrical system, the compact contactor's performance is directly related to the stability and reliability of the entire vessel system. As a new type of material, contact tips have unique advantages in the application of compact contactors on military vessels, allowing these contactors to maintain stable performance in extreme marine environments while reducing the maintenance burden on the vessel.

    Advantages of contact tips materials:

    ① Low temperature rise: The contact tips material has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the contact point and reduce heat loss when high current passes through.

    ② High electrical endurance: Due to the high stability and wear resistance of the material, the contact tips can withstand more operations, significantly extending the service electrical endurance of the contactor.

    ③Reliable connection capability: The contact tips material has excellent electrical properties, ensuring stable connection status under various working conditions.

    ④ Excellent resistance to welding: Under high current or abnormal conditions, the contact tips material can effectively prevent contact welding and ensure the safe operation of the contactor.

    In the selection of contact tips materials, AgCdO and AgSnO2 have become recommended materials due to their excellent performance.

    ① AgCdO : AgCdO has a high melting point and good electrical conductivity. It also has good resistance to welding which is very suitable for applications with high load and high reliability requirements.

    ② AgSnO2 : AgSnO2 is known for its high hardness and wear resistance. It can keep the contact surface clean during frequent operations, reduce contact resistance, and improve the overall performance of the contactor.

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