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Application of contact rivets in smart home
Release Time:2024-04-03 14:25:15

    With the popularization of 5G communication technology, the in-depth development of artificial intelligence and the maturity of Internet of Things technology, the smart home industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. The smart home system connects various devices in the home, such as lighting, security, air conditioning, TV, etc., to achieve intelligent interaction and centralized control between devices, which greatly improves the user's living experience and life convenience. In smart home systems, the reliability of electrical connections is crucial. As an electrical connection material, contact rivets play an important role in smart home devices due to their excellent electrical properties and mechanical strength. Especially in situations where frequent switching of current is required, such as smart sockets, switches and controllers, contact rivets can provide stable current transmission and long-term reliable service.

    In smart home systems, AgSnO2 contact rivets can be used in a variety of scenarios:

    ① Intelligent lighting system: In the switch control of smart bulbs and lamps, contact rivets provide stable current connection to ensure quick response and long life of the light.

    ② Security system: In security equipment such as smart door locks and surveillance cameras, the reliability of contact rivets ensures the stable operation of the security system.

    ③ Intelligent home appliance control: In the control systems of home appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators, contact rivets can withstand frequent current switching to ensure that the intelligent control of the equipment is not interfered with.

    AgSnO2 contact rivets have become an ideal electrical connection material in smart home systems due to their low resistance, high tolerance and long life. As the smart home market continues to expand, the demand for high-quality electrical connection materials will also grow.

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