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Application of contact rivets in relays of 5G communication
Release Time:2024-04-10 16:20:38

    With the rapid development of 5G technology, the demand for communication power supply is also growing. 5G base stations and related communication equipment require higher power density and more reliable power supply to ensure their efficient operation. This not only places higher requirements on the design of the power supply, but also challenges the quality and performance of components in the power supply cabinet, such as relays. In this context, contact rivets are a key component of relays, and their performance plays a vital role in the stability and reliability of the entire communication power system. The application of contact rivets in 5G communication relays can significantly improve the performance and reliability of communication power supplies and meet the new requirements for communication equipment in the 5G era.

    Product advantages:

    ① Low and stable contact resistance: The materials used in contact rivets, such as Ag, FAg, AuNi, etc., can provide low and stable contact resistance. This is crucial for 5G communication equipment, because low resistance can reduce energy loss and improve energy conversion efficiency, thereby ensuring the performance and stability of communication equipment.

    ② High wear resistance: In 5G communication equipment, relays need to switch power on and off frequently, which requires contact rivets to have high wear resistance. High-quality contacts rivet can maintain stable electrical performance during long-term use and reduce poor contact problems caused by wear.

    ③ High electrical endurance: The operating environment of 5G communication equipment requires its components to have high reliability and high electrical endurance. The high endurance of contact rivets can reduce the number of maintenance and replacements, reduce operating costs, while ensuring the continuity and stability of the communication system.

    ④ Low arc: During the switching process of the relay, the generation of arc will cause energy loss and premature wear of the contact material. High-quality contact rivets can effectively reduce the generation of arcs, thereby extending the service life of the relay and improving energy efficiency.

    ⑤ Low melting welding force: When current passes, the contact rivets need to withstand a certain current heating effect. Contact materials with low welding force can prevent welding under high current and ensure reliable opening and closing of the relay.

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