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The third meeting of the fifth session of the LV Electrical Appliances Industry Entrepreneurs Association held successfully at Fudar Alloy
Release Time:2024-05-27 15:03:41

    From May 14 to 15, 2024, the third meeting of the fifth session of the Low-voltage Electrical Appliance Industry Entrepreneurs Association was successfully held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. This conference was jointly organized by the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute and the General Low Voltage Electrical Appliances Branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, and hosted by Fudar Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. More than 50 members and guests of the Low Voltage Electrical Appliances Industry Entrepreneurs Association gathered together to gain an in-depth understanding of China , the new development trends of the economy in terms of policy orientation, investment and consumption, industrial upgrading, scientific and technological innovation, and opening up to the outside world, and jointly explore the high-quality development path of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry in the new era.

    Mr. Wang Chunhua, president of the fifth association and chairman of Changshu Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech and chaired the meeting.

    Mr. Liu Changsheng, Executive Vice President of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, delivered an important speech. He emphasized that under the current background of slowdown in traditional market growth, the new energy field has shown a vigorous development trend, opening up new growth areas for the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. He called on enterprises to keenly seize this historical opportunity, dare to face challenges, actively innovate, and jointly promote the industry to achieve higher-quality development.

    Mr. Yin Tianwen, executive vice president of the fifth sorority and vice president of Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer. He conducted an in-depth analysis of the overall situation of the current low-voltage electrical appliance industry. He emphasized that strengthening the integration and application of electronics, chips and other technologies, promoting the digital transformation of the industry, and improving the level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry are the only way for the industry to develop with high quality.

    Mr. Wang Dawu, Chairman and President of Fudar Alloy Materials Co., Ltd., gave a speech to welcomed the leaders and guests on behalf of the organizer. He said that over the past 30 years since its establishment, Fudar Alloy has always adhered to the mission of "small materials change the big world" ,the development path of " one meter wide, one hundred meters deep" and the core values of “Customer-focused,Contribution, Pursuit of Excellence, Never Satisfied", to help promote the vigorous development of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry.

    He proposed that we should work together to break constraints and build an independent and controllable contact material supply system; Strengthen communication and interaction to form a healthy and sustainable cooperation model; Strengthen industry collaboration based on the industry as a whole, and create an ecosystem of "upstream and downstream connectivity, peer complementarity" ; it is necessary to comply with national policy guidance, deploy green emerging industries, and help achieve the "double carbon" goal.

    In order to understand the industrial economic situation and how to promote high-quality industrial development, the conference specially invited Mr. Zhang Zhaoan, counselor of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and former vice president of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, to give a report on "Current Economic Situation and Enterprise Response". The report provides a detailed analysis of the global economic situation from the "five declines" and "five situations", an in-depth interpretation of the current economic situation and challenges faced by China from the "five strategies" and the "five challenges", and proposes that enterprises should grasp the future development trend considered about international and domestic issues, scientific and technological progress,industrial development,government principles. 

    The meeting invited Mr. Sun Changji, the former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, to give a concluding speech in the morning. He proposed that under the guidance of the dual-carbon policy, new energy and energy storage technologies such as hydropower, photovoltaic, wind power, and hydrogen energy will be vigorously developed to gradually reduce reliance on thermal power. The low-voltage electrical appliance industry needs to simultaneously develop related power transmission and distribution supporting facilities and use the opportunities of power development to explore new growth points. He also emphasized the importance of technological innovation and product development, pointing out that in order to meet the needs of further development of the electrical industry, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry must focus on the automation and high-end direction of product research and development,enhance the overall competitiveness and influence of the industry through continuous innovation and progress.

    In the enterprise sharing session, this meeting invited Mr. Wei Qinghong, Vice President of Fudar Alloy, and Mr. Song Linyun, Vice President and Chief Engineer, to give the "Fudar Alloy Enterprise Development and Innovation Achievements Report", which introduced the R&D results and technical directions of Fudar Alloy in detail, and shared the typical solutions for contact materials in different application fields of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry.

    During the exchange and discussion session, participating entrepreneurs held lively discussions  and shared insights to promote the sustainable development of the industry. Everyone said that through this meeting, they not only deepened their knowledge and understanding of industry development trends, but also expanded their ideas and broadened their horizons, which provided strong support for the future development of the company.

    The conference also organized guests to visit Fudar Smart Factory. Entrepreneurs visited Fudar’s exhibition hall and had a comprehensive understanding of the company’s development history, product systems, equipment development, patents and applications. They also went to Fudar’s smart factory to visit the intelligent production process of silver alloy wires,various types of contacts,clad strips, precision stamping parts, riveted and welded components and other products, and left a deep impression

    In the era of rapid change and constant changes, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The Low Voltage Electrical Appliances Industry Entrepreneurs Association, as an important platform to gather industry elites and condense development wisdom, is not only a bridge for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and share experiences, but also an engine to promote industry innovation and lead industry changes. The association will continue to condense industry innovation practices and development experience, turn these valuable experiences into a powerful driving force for the industry, and lead the industry to develop to a higher level, wider fields, and deeper levels.

    Established in March 1994, Fudar Alloy Materials Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D,.sales,technical consulting and service. The three main products include contact materials, clad materials and contact assemblies, which cover the applications of most electrical contact areas.Providing services to global customers, such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, Fuji Electric, Omron, Emerson, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, TE,Eaton, Chint, Delixi, Nader, Hongfa. Products are export to 32 countries and regions of Europe, Asia and America.